My name is Dr. Claudia C. and I am a Women's Communication Coach, published author, and speaker with an Ivy League PhD and a whole lot of experience empowering people through my words and teaching.


Here are a few photos of my early days as a public speaker:


I bring different facets of my expertise and personality to my work. I am a college professor and a coach. Most importantly, I am a healer of women's voices. My mission is to empower women to share their message and feel confident in their voice AND their body (you can read more about my methods and the voice/body connection here).


As a PROFESSOR, I will:

  • Make sure your communication is on point.
  • Look out for incorrect word usage, syntax, grammar, and spelling (no typos allowed in my corner!)
  • Work with you to optimize your word choice.
  • Work with you on structure optimization, rhetorical choices, and storytelling techniques.


As a COACH, I will:

  • Help you define your objectives for your communication (and your life)
  • Support you in releasing inner blocks and limiting beliefs.
  • Work with you on building your self-confidence and self-love.
  • Put in place strategies for success for before, during, and after your public speaking.
  • Check that you are speaking using your authentic voice.


As a HEALER, I will:

  • Work with you energetically to make sure you are grounded and present to yourself.
  • Support you in developing your voice/body connection.
  • Assist you in bringing all of yourself into the world, reclaiming both your voice and your body.
  • Make you aware of societal beliefs that keep women small.
  • Present you with strategies to break through these barriers.



This is a picture of one of my workshops where we explore the connection between public speaking and the body. It is so much easier to speak our truth once we are connected to our bodies.



This is what some of the participants had to say about the event:


So amazing! I loved this event. Probably the most inspiring and encouraging event I’ve been to in a while.
— Franchesca, acupuncturist
Love how safe and positive the space was
— Rachel, entrepreneur
Women are so important. Thank you for involving me and reminding me of this.
— Kim, artist
Thank you for a fabulous event
— Dana, realtor


I love witnessing women share their message with the world. If you too are ready to share your voice and change the world, let's chat! I can't wait to hear from you.


Much love,