I help women communicate with more confidence and authenticity.

I primarily coach on public speaking (with occasional forays in written communication as well)




My methods are a bit unconventional.

Let me tell you why ...


I believe that women thrive when they learn to communicate as women, which means learning to express ourselves in and through the BODY.

We are used to seeing public speaking as a mental activity, but this is a limited perspective that does not serve women best. Why not? First of all, because the voice is a physical manifestation of ourselves. Secondly, because I believe women communicate through their bodies, and insecurity in our words shows up as insecurities in our bodies (and viceversa).

While being very practical, hands-on, and results-oriented, my coaching includes several embodiment practices meant at developing the connection between your words and your body.

To be clear: it is not simply a matter of learning the "right" body language techniques to communicate with more confidence. Rather, it is about embodying your message so that it flows in and through you. In this way, your physical presence becomes the on-stage manifestation of your words.

When we take up space with our words and body; when we have spent time developing the connection between our body and our message; when our voice and physical presence are in the flow and open to our audience--that is when our words will be truly powerful and transformative for ourselves and others.



Are you ready to share your voice?

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I work with clients on a month-to-month basis. We'll work on your most pressing communication issues. Are you lacking clarity in your communication? Would you like to be more assertive at work? Would you like to be more authentic in how you engage with others?

1:1 coaching


In this 3-week package we'll work on your "personal mission statement," also known as "elevator pitch." We'll get to the heart of your message to craft a pitch that is intriguing, juicy, and effective.

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This is my 8-week signature package in which we'll work together on your dream talk, the talk of a lifetime. The program is structured as follows: inner work; message; talk crafting; delivery. There will also be a few special bonuses :)